[Makeup] Laneige Neo Foundation Matte

It’s been more than 20 months since mask wearing was made mandatory in public areas for Singapore.

As mentioned in my previous makeup posts, my makeup needs have changed as I focused more on makeup products that are mask-friendly. For me, mask-friendly makeup means it does not stain my mask easily.

Recently, Laneige launched a new product <Neo Foundation Matte/Glow>. This product is part of the NEO series that Laneige had introduced last year, with the first product being the Neo cushion.

I purchase the product back in August when there was a promotion for the Foundation Set.

There are two types to the Neo Foundation series: Foundation Matte and Foundation Glow. Both types were made from the same ingredients. However, Foundation Glow contains “Liquid Diamond” that allow to skin to glow.

For me, given my skin type, I gotten myself the Foundation Matte. Out of the 10 shades that are available, I chose 21N1 Beige.

For the set that I had purchased, it comes with a free lipstick (random color given), a cleanser and a cleansing water. Considering that the lipstick was an actual size, the price of SGD 55 was a pretty good steal.

The product boasts the following (reference to Laneige’s website)

  1. Ultralight, 48H long lasting coverage
  2. Offers a clear and bright complexion all day long without oxidizing
  3. Protects skin from city’s harmful substances. Also block blue-light and contains ingredients that speeds up skin turnover for healthy skin.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The product’s coverage was great. It does hide the imperfections of my skin and pores appear to be visibly reduced after applying this. The product gives the skin a matte and light finish (which is what I like). It does not feel sticky upon touching. It is also mask friendly as well as I noticed that it does not stain my mask whenever I am wearing this foundation.

In terms of application, it was easy with the blender that Laneige provided with the gift set. (Not sure if it comes with the blender if one purchased just the foundation)

As a bonus, I like the packaging as well. I like the mint color a lot. The magnetic cap is also extremely cool as well.

Overall, I like the foundation and since purchasing the product, I have been using it whenever I have to head out or return to office. I do recommend this if you like to have a lightweight, matte finish to your makeup.

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