[Personal] Kitten Sanctuary Singapore

Found in the vicinity of Masjid Sultan , approximately 10 – 15 minutes walk from Bugis, is Kitten Sanctuary, a place home to felines that were being rescued and waiting for adoption.

After being introduced of the venue by a friend, plus we like cats a lot; we decided to make an appointment to visit the Sanctuary.

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[Personal] Cat Cafe


I first visited the Cat Cafe with a friend a couple of months back as I have always wanted to visit a cat cafe in Singapore. As we visited the place for the very first time, I was impressed with the affordable prices and concept that since my first visit, I had returned back the cafe twice (it’s already my third visit when I am posting this).

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[Personal] Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes

Marvel is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and so Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes exhibition hit Singapore.

Being a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which means I don’t read much of the comics), I managed to get my sister to join me in visiting the exhibition.


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