[Korean drama] 대박부동산 Sell Your Haunted House

STARRING: Jang Na Ra, Jung Yong Hwa, Kang Hong Suk, Kang Mal Geum, Baek Eun Hye, Ahn Kil Kang etc.


SUMMARY: Hong Ji Ah (by Jang Na Ra) is an exorcist. Running a real estate office with Joo Hwa Jung (by Kang Mal Geum), the two of them specializes in selling houses that have rumors of vengeful or lingering spirits.

For all successful exorcism, Ji Ah needs a partner who is a psychic; someone who are very susceptible to being possessed by spirits. It was during one of the exorcism exercise did she crossed paths with Oh In Bum (by Jung Yong Hwa), whom lives as a con-man but was also someone who is a psychic.

With personal agendas in mind, the two of them decided to work together, with the support from Joo Hwa Jung and Heo Ji Cheol (by Kang Hong Suk).

Rating: 5 out of 5.


PLOT: <Sell your haunted house> had a very interesting plot. The drama started out intensely and I got drawn in, despite the fact that I am not a fan of horror dramas/movies. The drama also managed to keep themselves light by introducing comedic elements, very often because of Oh In Bum. I think the drama was also well thought through, be it the character growth or the various story arcs introduced.

CHARACTERS: The two main characters Ji-Ah and In Bum are extremely lovable. I enjoyed their bickering right from the start and how the two of them communicate with each other, be in during an exorcism or their daily lives. The two other supporting characters have also added colors to the show, which makes it more interesting.

ACTING: Jang Na Ra is not someone whom is unfamiliar on my wordpress anymore given that this is the third drama that I had reviewed with her as the female lead. Her acting skills continues to impress me, especially with all the “waterworks” that she had shown during the drama. Jung Yong Hwa is also someone whom I am familiar with as I had seen two of his older works when he acted with Park Shin-Hye.

OVERALL: I actually was contemplating whether to watch this drama or not due to its genre because (1) I was never a fan of horror and (2) I am not sure whether this drama is similar to Hotel De Luna, which is a drama that portrayed a hotel meant for spirits/ghosts. However, I decided to give the drama a chance based on the two leading roles and I really enjoyed it (there is also zero resemblance to Hotel De Luna). I was startled a copy of times throughout the 16 episodes but I also had my fair share of laughter thanks to In Bum’s gimmicks and Ji-Ah’s nonchalant attitude towards things.

Personally, if there is a season 2, I will definitely add the season 2 to my to-watch list given that the ending of the drama allows room for a second season. Regardless, I do recommend this drama!

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