[Makeup Review] Perfect Diary Readme Lip Stain

Brand: Perfect Diary

Category: Lipstain

Perfect Diary could be unfamiliar to some, but it is one of the rising beauty brand from China. I had seen this brand on both the Taobao app and Shopee SG apps but never came around trying their products.

After my friend’s recommendation that Perfect Diary products are pretty good, I decided to try out their products, with the first product being the Perfect Diary Readme Lipstick.

Number 002 – Nice to Meet You


Rating: 4 out of 5.

COLOR: Personally I like the color for 002 Nice to Meet You. The color wasn’t too intense like the dark red/red colors that I typically used. A swatch is sufficient enough for the colors to be applied onto the lip. Additionally, I feel that 002 Nice to Meet You is a good color for creating the gradient look.

As of today, there are a total of 8 colors for this product range.

APPLICATION: Application wise, this lipstick uses a brush tip. It wasn’t difficult to apply with the brush tip.

PACKAGING: One thing I would like to share is how “miniature” this product is. At a credit card size, it is definitely a product that can be easily brought around. I personally also like the simple white color design.

PRICING: There isn’t a physical store in Singapore for the Perfect Diary, so the only hassle free way to purchase this product would be through the official online store in Shopee. I had purchased this lipstick via the official Shopee store (perfectdiary.sg) at $16.90. Given that Shopee does have promotions frequently, there can be cases where the product is being sold at a cheaper price.

TRANSFERABILITY: As mask wearing is still mandatory, I generally prefer lipsticks that are transfer-proof. However, the unfortunate part is that this lipstick is not transfer proof. Comparing to the Maybelline superstay lipstick, which rarely stains my mask, Perfect Diary Readme stains a lot more. I also noticed the product got transfer to my cup whenever I am drinking water, which causes frequent reapplication.

OVERALL: I do like this product because of the color and the compactness. In fact, I am interested in getting other colors such as 005 Leave Me Alone. However, the only pain point is the transferability issue, which can be quite a hassle with the mask wearing situation that is still going on. Perhaps I may get the other color when mask wearing is no longer mandatory.

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