[Chinese Drama] 长歌行 The Long Ballad

STARING: Leo Wu, Dilraba Dilmurat, Liu Yu Ning, Rosy Zhao, Alen Fang, Yi Da Qian etc.


SUMMARY: The Long Ballad is a drama that focuses on Princess Yong Ning (Dilraba Dilmurat), whom was set on revenge against her uncle after a palace coup that resulted in the death of her parents. In order to fight against her uncle, Princess Yong Ning fled the city of Chang An in search for comrades that can help her in the quest. When she was about to gain a formidable ally, her plans was thwarted by Ashile Sun (Leo Wu), who is the commander of the Eagle Army from the Eastern Turkic Khaganate. The drama continues with both of them working together despite the differences, and falling in love with each other at the same time.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

PLOT: As I had not seen the manhwa that this drama was adapted from, I am not sure how much did the drama follow in terms of the story plot. Drama wise, the plot was interesting and I am happy with the ending of the drama to saw the least. The only down side was that I felt that the drama was dragged out to 49 episodes when it could be concluded within less than 49 episodes.

CHARACTERS: While I watched the drama for Dilraba Dilmurat, it was not easy to like Princess Yong Ning at the start. Princess Yong Ning is someone who is good at the martial arts and also good at warfare. However, perhaps it was due to her thirst for revenge, her actions were questionable in the first few arcs of the drama, which made the character hard to like. However, it does improve as the drama continued, which was a good thing.

Ashile Sun (Leo Wu) is more consistent than Princess Yong Ning. He was the typical Knight in Shining Armour towards Princess Yong Ning, always trying to help her and protect her. His righteous character was something that I like. Of course, his character did changed a little after knowing Yong Ning, and he had moments where he was more like a man in love instead of being the commander of the Eagle Army.

Princess Yong An (Rosy Zhao) was also another character that was hard to like at the start. As someone who was brought up being sheltered, her character was a vast difference with Princess Yong Ning. However, similar to Yong NIng, her character became more likeable as the story progressed. In fact, in terms of character development, I personally felt that Yong An was the best amongst all characters in the drama.

Hao Du (Liu Yu Ning) became my instant favourite when he first appeared in the drama. As someone who had to leave up to his Godfather’s expectations, he was someone who was always obeying his godfather’s expectations, regardless whether it is right or wrong. However, underneath his cold demure, he had a very warm heart; especially towards Princess Yong An. I personally like both Princess Yong An and Hao Du’s interactions, because they are so adorable on screen.

For the other characters, such as Mu Jin, Mimi Guli and even the emperor, they had added flare to the drama, which shifts the focus away from the leading characters of the show.

ACTING: I wasn’t unfamiliar with the two lead characters, Dilraba and Leo Wu as I had seen their other works previously. I think their acting was great and there wasn’t too much to comment on. For the other casts, some were entirely new faces, such as Rosy Zhao and Liu Yu Ning. However, thanks to the Long Ballad, I may be interested to look at their other dramas in the future.

OST: Liu Yu Ning had been dubbed as one of the OST King in China as he had been singing for quite a number of OSTs for various Chinese Drama. Prior to the Long Ballad, I had heard some of the OSTs he had sang before so he was never a stranger. For the Long Ballad, he had sang 一切如故, which was my personal favourite.

OVERALL: I definitely recommend this Chinese Drama as it was one of the better historical dramas I had seen so far this year (amongst those that I had watch so far).

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