[Makeup] L’Oréal Base Magique Primer

NOTE: When it comes to beauty products, I am an avid explorer. I am not against the idea of trying out new products/brands; especially when I feel that the existing product no longer works for me.

However, there is particular product that I SWORN by. I had been using this product since a decade ago and I still love it. I had mentioned the same product on one of my previous posts.

My skin condition is generally oily. I often started to have a “natural” glowy face by middle of the afternoon so my preference have always been matte products and I like applying primers first before using either base/point makeup.

The need for a eye primer was important as previously, whenever I applied eyeliner / eyeshadows on my face, I tend to have an obvious crease line of products on my eyelids at the end of the day, which made my eye makeup messy. This is despite the fact that I am using smudge-proof products.

I had also tried to use other products such as Tarte’s primer, Benefit Stay don’t Stray Eyeshadow primer, Etude House Proof 10 Eye primer but all of them either couldn’t help to ensure my eye products stay on point or the price was slightly expensive.

The game changer happened when I was introduced to L’Oréal Base Magique, a transforming smoothing primer by a classmate of mine, who let me tested it after I commented that her eye products were always on point.

Since I managed to test it for myself, I realized that this product works for me and since then, I had been using this product and it does not disappoint at all.

I primarily use this product as an eye primer; though I am sure one can apply the product to the entire face as a primer. In terms of texture, the primer was not too sticky, which does not create the feeling of slapping more sticky products onto my face.

In terms of usage, using the eyes as a reference, it is not required to apply large quantities of this product onto your eyelids. In fact, I only use a small amount every time I use this product. This product was also available at the drugstores Watsons and Guardian, so I can expect that the product price is kept as affordable as possible.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

For readers out there encountering the same issue as me, with oily eyelids; this product is highly recommended! It does help tremendously in ensuring your product stays on your eyelids.

While I would love to try using this product on my entire face to see if the makeup actually stays; due to the mandatory mask wearing, I do not have much opportunity to apply a full face makeup (I generally head out now with eye makeup and a layer of sunblock).

The product is at about priced at about $23.90, but I believed there are promotions going on at Watsons SG right now, so you can snatched this at a cheaper price.

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