[Chinese Drama] 斗罗大陆 Douluo Continent

Starring: Sean Xiao, Betty Wu, Gao Tian Yu, Calvin Chen, Kenny Bee etc.


Summary: Duoluo Continent is a fantasy drama that focused on the protagonist Tang San (Sean Xiao), who went on a journey of cultivation to be one of the grandmasters of the continent. Through this journey, he managed to have a teacher, Yu Xiao Gang (Calvin Chen), who had taught him how to become powerful; and friends such as Xiao Wu (Betty Wu), Dai Mu Bai (Gao Tian Yu). He also managed to discover the cause of death of his mother, and the true identity of his father, Tang Hao (Kenny Bee).


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

PLOT WISE: What made Douluo Continent interesting, apart from the protagonist journey, was the concept of 7 students fighting in competitions to become the top school in the continent. Each of 7 students had their own uniqueness, which adds a variety of flavors to the drama.

However, as I watched the drama, I felt it was rushed, which resulted in a number of things that I felt could be better explained. For example, one of the focus of the drama was for the students to compete with other schools to become the top school in the continent. Yet, these competitions were completed so quickly that it felt as though they were not important in the first place.

Additionally, the drama focused heavily on the main protagonist, which can be understandable since the actor, Sean Xiao is one of the most popular actor in China right now. However, it feels that everyone else in the drama took a sideline since their parts were not as important.

The ending of this show was disappointing; which I suspected that it ended that way to prepare for a season 2. However, given that there are no confirmation of a Season 2, I didn’t appreciate the ending.

ROMANCE WISE: For the romance part, well there are signs throughout the entire show that there are something going on between Tang San and Xiao Wu, this was not fully exploited in the show. In fact, the romance of the other characters were more evident as compared to the main male and female lead.

All in all, this drama is recommended if you are interested in the fantasy genre. However, it you are someone who doesn’t like to be kept in suspense, then perhaps it would be worthwhile to wait for more news on Season 2 before picking up this drama.

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