[Chinese Drama] 狼殿下 The Wolf

Starring: Darren Wang, Li Qin, Sean Xiao, Xin Zhi Lei, Guo Shu Yao.

Number of episodes: 49

Summary: The Wolf is a drama that talks about the love story between a man who used to be brought up by wolves; Lang Zai and Ma Zhai Xing, whom is a the daughter of a government official. Due to an event when they were younger, the two of them got separated only to be reunited with Lang Zai having a different status – Prince Bo. This drama is about love, hate, revenge and redemption.

As a man whom had been brought up by wolves, Lang Zai is someone who have extraordinary listening and surviving skills. He was then adopted to become Prince Bo due to his capabilities while the whole world, particularly Ma Zhai Xing thought he was dead.

Underneath the demure of being a ruthless prince, he was someone whom have a strong sense of righteousness and loyalty. He also treats Ma Zhai Xing very well, though many at times his kindness and love towards her was done without her realisation.

Being a daughter of a general, Zhai Xing is said to be very intellectual. She saved Lang Zhai’s life when she was out in the wild. Since then, she had treated Lang Zai as a friend, and were extremely close. However, due to an incident, she was separated from Lang Zai and she presumed he was dead.

Years later, they reunite; though Lang Zai had took on the identity as Prince Bo. It was this time that Zhai Xing’s had a lot of misunderstanding towards Prince Bo, and particularly so after she realized that he was her Lang Zai.

Ji Chong was introduced as a mercenary who works for anyone as long as there as there are money involved as he needs a lot of money. During one of his mercenary mission, he managed to save Ma Zhai Xing. Since then, he had an affection for her.

As the story progresses, it was revealed that he was actually the second prince of Jin. Using his status, he tried to do everything in his power to help Ma Zhai Xing.

Author note: personally, I think Ji Chong’s character is the most likeable of the lot. There is just nothing you would detest him for because he had been so good towards Zhai Xing.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

In terms of the story plot, it started off on an interesting note. However, the drama continued with the two main leads having so much misunderstanding between each other. This is especially so for Ma Zhai Xing towards Prince Bo/Lang Zai. The misunderstanding were so repetitive that it become boring and the plot expected. Ji Chong’s entrance 10 episodes later did made the story more bearable, but I felt it was not sustainable.

Character wise, I felt that the main leads, Prince Bo/Lang Zai and Ma Zhai Xing were not likeable enough. Probably due to the plot above, Prince Bo had to act like an a** most of the time towards Zhai Xing, even though deep down it is obvious he cares for her. Zhai Xing on the other hand, was too idealistic I feel, and given her family background, I would expect her to be more logical, instead of emotional. Her weakness was something that was seen throughout the drama, which to me was disappointing.

Overall, I do recommend this drama, but if you prefer dramas that doesn’t have so much misunderstanding between the female and male lead; then perhaps this isn’t the drama for you.

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